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Lifted citEcar 6PR Street Legal Golf Cart – AC Motor

$11,995.00 $11,195.00

This six seater lifted golf cart for sale includes every feature seen in the pictures – large tires, front brush guard, a rear flip seat, a storage basket, and more! In addition for off road usage, this vehicle is also street legal under low speed vehicle laws nationwide!

As the manufacturer, we can provide you with a fully customized vehicle. Please give us a call today at (866) 542-8677 or use the “Request a Quote” button below to have us send you a risk free quote!

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Lifted 6pr Golf Cart Video

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Product Description

All citEcar Electric Vehicles are built in our Charleston, South Carolina facility. This six seater lifted street legal golf cart can travel up to fifty miles per charge. We fully load this vehicle with features such as on board smart chargers, a digital dashboard, front basket and brush guard, street legal package with 17 digit vin number, upgraded 4kw AC brushless motor, Curtis controller, and 24″ tires. The roof lights shown in some pictures can be added for $395. The on board smart charger we include is made in the USA and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Street legal golf carts and low speed vehicles can be driven on roads that are 35mph or less. Be sure to check your local laws as some cities have exceptions. For more information or to find out what colors are currently in stock, please contact us at (866) 542-8677.

We also have rain enclosures available for an additional charge. Please visit our accessories page to view available additions.


  • Full dimensions(without roof lights): 11.5′ x 4.4′ x 7.0′
  • Max Forward Speed: 20-25mph
  • Max Load Capacity: 992lbs
  • Motor: 4KW AC (brushless)
  • Running Distance: up to 55 miles
  • Ground Clearance: 9.8″
  • Tires: 24×8-12
  • Front Basket: Included
  • Front Brush Guard: Included
  • Batteries: 8pcs Trojan 105 (Made in USA)
  • Controller: Curtis Sepex 1236 (Made in USA)
  • Charger: Eagle On Board (Made in USA)
  • Outside Left tire to Outside Right tire: 53″
  • Center Left tire to Center Right tire: 45″
  • Inside Left tire to Inside right tire: 36″

citEcar Electric Vehicles can be delivered anywhere in the continental United States through open air or enclosed transport. For our international customers, shipping directly to your port of choice is available.

We at citEcar Electric vehicles have access to a network of automobile trailers that transport up the east coast and across to the west coast on a regular basis. When possible, vehicles can be shipped in enclosed trailers to deliver your new vehicle in showroom condition for an additional charge.

Shipping costs are going to depend on the number of miles needing to be traveled along with the quantity of units being shipped at the same time. We will work with our network of carriers to obtain the best price possible for your shipment. All carriers used are fully licensed and insured. To obtain a shipping quote, please contact us so we can obtain one for you.